Business Process Management
  • Integrated BPMN 2.0 Camunda modelling tool
  • Automated execution of  custom workflows and business processes, configured based on organization needs
  • Model “how to” wizards based on workflows
  • Graphic visualization of workflow diagram
  • Ability to process different business objects and documents in a workflow
  • Support of pool and multi instance tasks
  • Manage business object statuses while processed in a workflow
Workflow Diagram
Task Management
  • Assign single, pool and multi-instance tasks
  • Log time on tasks
  • Reassign tasks
  • Assign tasks in the context of documents and business objects
  • Add custom defined check-lists in a task
  • Manage task watchers list
  • Support task notifications – for new task, completed task, overdue task
  • Comments on tasks
  • Integrate tasks in workflows
  • Support task tracking reports
  • Convert text to task
Task Preview
Project and Space Management
  • Manage projects as containers of activities, documentation and users aiming to achieve a common goal
  • Manage spaces as containers of organization specific information resources
  • Support custom specific project/ space details and classifications
  • Manage project resources and timetables
  • Track project status and milestones
  • Give special permissions on project confidential information
  • Support email notifications on project activities
  • View project activity stream
Information Stuctured In Project
  • Provide personalized view of the system through custom dashboards
  • Provide personal dashboard, as centralized high level view of key information associated with the user
  • Provide business objects dashboards, as basic point of reference of related business information
  • Support layout of dashboards according to user preferences
  • Configure dashboard by inserting widgets, which are the basic visual building blocks
Personal Dashboard