Management of User Login Credentials
  • Create and edit users
  • Reset passwords
  • Create groups
  • View a user’s detail page by clicking the username
  • Support custom fields for users, specific for the organization
  • Create custom user dashboard
User Profile Preview
Personal Profile Management
  • Support personal contact information, visible for the other system users – position, department, e-mail, contact numbers, other custom information
  • Support personal profile image
  • Create personal document libraries and reports
  • Manage personal dashboard – information to be displayed, dashboard layout and view
  • Configure user preferences – personal preferences for notifications, color scheme, language (TBD in R3)
Personal Profile Configuration
Role Based Access Control and Permissions
  • Manage roles – predefined and custom roles, based on the needs of the organization
  • Configure actions, available for each role
  • Support individual and group permissions on library level and context level
  • Automatic inheritance of permissions from library or context
  • Support special permissions, overriding the inherited
  • Need to know function – provide automatic access to an item, when a task on the item is assigned
Permissions Management
Audit Log
  • Accessible only from the Admin panel
  • Chronological record of user activity
  • Different criteria for extraction of information
  • Print and export of Audit log
Audit Log