Shared Calendars
  • Support personal calendars for to-do items, meetings, events
  • Support business objects calendars for one time and recurring events
  • Subscribe/ unsubscribe for events on business object calendars
  • Synchronization between calendars
  • Automatically generated users tasks and email notifications for calendar events
  • Change from calendar to timeline view of events
Kanban Boards
  • Card view support for agile projects
  • Gant chart view
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Share work in real time by visualization of tasks progress , which leads to user collaboration and optimization for the whole value chain
  • Customization of filters and lanes with task states
Aggregated Email/Correspondence
  • Integrated email
  • Support email addresses for business objects, thus providing unified space for communication and collaboration
  • Send email messages from business objects and address them to internal and external recipients
  • Receive email messages into business object’s mailboxes
  • Attach documents/ business objects to email messages
Contextual Comments
  • Ability to comment and create discussions on every document and business object
  • Ability to comment separate words, phrases and paragraphs
  • Ability to annotate images
  • Search and filter comments
  • Send e-mail notification, when user is addressed¬† in a comment
  • Support comments statuses
  • Configure comments to be displayed on user and business object dashboards
Contextual Comments