Template and Model Management
  • Ability to create template for every document or domain specific business object based on dynamic documents
  • Support different templates for uploadable and creatable content for the same document type
  • Support one primary (default) template and secondary templates for the same business entity
  • Manage template rules and conditions
  • Structure templates by inserting layouts, tabs, static text, forms and widgets with dynamic queries
  • Publish ready-to-use templates
  • Ability to manage controlled vocabularies
  • Import/Export models, templates and controlled vocabularies
Template Creation
  • Provide tools (widgets) for visualization of organization specific information
  • Ability to insert a widgets in every dynamic document and template
  • Automatic update of the displayed data in each widget if the business data for the object change
  • Configure widgets to display either manually selected business objects or dynamically, based on a search query
  • Object data widget – provides input/output data form for selected business object
  • Data table widget – provides ability to display selected data for business objects in a table form
  • Image widget – provides ability to display and annotate one or more selected images
  • Content viewer widget – displays the content of a selected document in PDF format
  • Aggregated table widget – displays in a table format aggregated information for business objects, based on selected property
  • Chart view widget – displays in pie chart, bar chart, line chart¬† – aggregated information for business objects
SC Widgets
Organization/Tenant Specific Configurations
  • Logo of the organization
  • Domain model
  • Input language
  • Email notifications
  • Number of search results per page
  • Time zone
  • Templates