Domain Models of Business Objects and Concepts
  • Support semantic graph database Ontotext GraphDB used for storage, querying, and management of structured data
  • Support free open source ontology editor for defining ontologies (Protege)
  • Ability to create and support rich and flexible domain ontology models specific for the organization
  • Easy upgrade of the domain models, when organizational needs change
  • New facts, relationships and concepts added in the ontology models are reflected automatically in the existing business objects behavior in SEP
Domain Model
Ontology Classification and Controlled Vocabularies
  • Provide a standard way to represent knowledge organization using SKOS concepts (broader, narrower, related)
  • Support of structured controlled vocabularies  – thesauri, classification schemes, taxonomies
  • Code-list management module for create and update of controlled vocabularies
  • Support statuses for existing concepts validity
Entity Recognition
  • Automatic semantic recognition of concepts and business objects in text and through different sources
  • Creation of semantic relationships between concepts and business objects based on the contextual recognition
  • Inferencing  –  infer new knowledge from existing facts
Automatic Entity Extraction And Recognition
Data Integration and Interlinking
  • Merging information from various sources
  • Support URIs for all data elements (objects, entities, concepts, relationships, attributes), which allow data from different sources to merge without collisions
Integration With External Sources