Basic and Advanced Search
  • Quick keyword search in documents and business object content
  • Search in context
  • Search by relationships
  • Autosuggest mechanism for quick search and selection of recently modified business objects
  • Advance search, providing ability to search in every business object attribute
  • Advance search queries with AND and OR operands between the search criteria
  • Advance search by dynamic date ranges – last month, next year, etc.
  • Nested advanced search queries by relationships between objects
  • Federated search over SEP database and 3rd party systems
Advanced Search
Faceted Search
  • Apply additional filtering over the search result
  • Provide ability to configure facet classifications per business object
  • Provide faceting in hierarchical structures
Faced Search
Saved Searches
  • Create saved searches based on basic and advance search queries
  • Edit saved searches
  • Manage permissions on saved searches
  • Create personal libraries based on saved searches
Saved Searches
Business Reports
  • Create custom static and dynamic business reports
  • Structure the information displayed in the reports using configurable widgets
  • Support table view format of the report
  • Support graphical view format of the report – pie chart, bar chart, line chart, etc.
  • Support aggregated data information
  • Integrated reporting widget configuration with advance search and saved searches
  • Automatic data extraction every time the dynamic report is opened
  • Create static reports using predefined report template
Report For Tasks