Documents and Files
  • Ability to upload, store and preview any kind of existing electronic document formats –  MS Office, PDF, txt, scanned documents, images, audio and video files, emails, etc.
  • Ability to store and  manage any type of file format that could be stored on the network
  • Ability to support custom mandatory and optional metadata for different document types (contracts, business correspondence,
  • OCR of scanned document with text recognition and data extraction
  • Document indexing
  • Integration with MS Office to open, edit and save documents directly in the respective MS office application
  • Sign up documents with e-signature
  • Support standard document management capabilities like – download, upload new version, move, clone, print, export to PDF
  • Attach documents to other related business objects
  • Review and Approve documents
  • Create custom relationships between documents and other business objects
  • Full text search in document content and metadata
  • Version control
  • Permissions management
  • Provide activity stream for each document – who, when, what
Uploaded Documents And Actions
  • Integration with Mirador – an open-source, web based tool for image annotation and deep zoom
  • Support gallery of images
  • Image deep zoom functionality
  • Creating and editing image annotations using a variety of shapes and colors
  • Search and filter annotations
  • Support image manipulations – brightness, contrast, flip, rotate, adjust saturation, support grayscale
  • Image comparison
  • Image overlay
  • Attach and relate images to other business objects
Image Annotation
Dynamic Documents (iDoc)
  • Support open source text editor and formatting tool – CKEditor
  • Integrated tools (widgets) for visualization of organization specific information and business objects
  • Ability to create and use custom document templates
  • Create simple text documents and wiki pages online
  • Integrate text, images, forms, queries and dynamic information for related business objects in one document inserting widgets
  • Support standard document management capabilities like – move, clone, print, approve, etc.
  • Full text search in dynamic documents
  • Create hierarchy and libraries of dynamic documents
  • Attach dynamic documents to other business objects
  • Export to PDF and MS word
  • Version control
  • Permissions management
Dynamic Document (iDoc)
Business Objects
  • Create business objects based on organization semantic domain model
  • Ability to create templates for visualization of the business object details and related documents and other business objects
  • Ability to upload a set of multiple documents, business objects
  • Ability to import business objects from a spreadsheet
  • Review and Approve process of the data file prior to the import
  • Integrated data validation mechanism for imported data and verification reporting
  • Ability to update business objects already imported or created using the import functionality
  • Create libraries of business objects
  • Attach documents and images to business objects
  • Manage relationships with other business objects in the domain
  • Full text search in the business object details
  • Manage business object behavior using state transition capabilities
  • Apply permissions on single business objects or on library of objects
  • Version control
  • Import business objects information from 3rd party systems
Business Object Dossier
Version Control
  • Automatic versioning on edit or upload of new version
  • Track historical versions as chronologically consistent records
  • Preview of historical versions
  • Revert to historical versions
  • Time machine – keep relationships to versions of other documents and business objects, valid at the corresponding time interval
Hystorical Versioning
Archives and Records Management
  • Create digital records and revisions of all documents and business objects
  • Classify records in custom libraries
  • Manage access control and permissions on records
  • Create records as evidence of transaction in the organization
  • Publishing of documents, integrated with custom review and approval procedures and workflows
  • Manage records retention plan (through records life-cycle)
Archives And Records Management